Chemicals and Supplies

Heartland Janitorial Services   

We are partnered with ChemStation Heartlandin Paducah, KY they can provide you with any specialty chemical needs you have, ranging from a standard degreaser to and EPA approved Sanitizers.

All Cleaning and Sanitizing Chemicals are supplied by ChemStation Heartland, located in Paducah, Ky.


ChemStation is a national network of Manufacturing Centers providing custom-formulated, environmentally friendly industrial cleaning chemicals to a variety of local, regional and national markets. 

We have a local office located within minutes of Downtown Paducah, Kentucky, giving us the ability to reach our clients within hours.

Through their unique bulk delivery system, products are delivered on ChemStation trucks to your site where they are transferred into refillable tanks. This convenient, on-site refillable tank system eliminates waste associated with more traditional systems of cleaning.

If you would like for a ChemStation Heartland representative contact you please feel free to email